I Decided to DO Something About It!

After yesterday/today’s pity party I decided to do something about it. If I want to change my life I have to do SOMETHING to make it happen.

So I did something that I never thought I’d do. I decided to become a representative of  a Direct Sales Company.  Scentsy to be exact. 

Feel free to grab my Scentsy Button to help spread the word for me 🙂

And TODAY starts my LAUNCH PARTY!!

So why did I decide to make the leap?
I want the chance to be my own boss, for my success to rely solely on ME and what I put into it! I’m tired of *hoping* I got that job. I want to be able to help support myself, my family and especially Mason while having the luxury of staying home with him most of the time! 
Why Scentsy?
I looked into a couple of different companies and they all had something great to offer. I was thisclose to going with another GREAT company but I decided to go with Scentsy for a couple of different reasons. 
1) It was something I could be passionate about. I’m a HUGE Scent Girl. I love walking into my house and having it smell like I just baked some Cranberry Muffins when in fact I didn’t even have to lift a finger. And I love tricking B into thinking that I just made Baked Apple Pie when he’s being bad #sweetrevenge. One of my favorite “me” moments is soaking in a Bubble Bath while pretending I’m at a Spa and trying to gain some Inner Peace.
2) The Start Up Kit was a GREAT Price
3) I love the product. Plain and Simple. There’s no FLAMES. Which means that I’m not afraid of a fire! Which means I’m not afraid of Mason burning himself. BUT WAIT {um of course I’m purposely trying to sound like an infomercial}. There’s WAX and wax gets hot right? Yes it does. But with Scentsy it doesn’t get hot enough to do Mason any damage. It only heats to 125 degrees. Which while hot {it has to be for the scent to be released} it won’t burn Mason if he somehow gets to it. Which knowing Mason he somehow will. Mason gets into EVERYTHING.
4) It’s not expensive to buy. You can get a plugin, mid sized warmer, or full sized warmer for pretty cheap and they’re stylish, but you can also just try their scentsy bars for only $5 or their scentsy bricks for $20 which last FOREVER.
5) The Parties. Even though I’ve lived here for years I’m still new here. I lived in the JMU world which is WAY different from being a local. I hardly know anyone so the chance to meet people through parties is appealing. So is the thought of hosting virtual parties through blogs. We all know how much I love finding new blogs!

There are more reasons that I can get into some very specific. And if you want to hear them, know more about Why I chose Scentsy, if Scentsy would be right for you, if you want to host a party {Virtual, “Real Life” or both}, or just plain old buy something during my Launch Party {Hello HOLIDAYS} you can visit my Scentsy Website or email me at:
needlovescents {at} gmail {dot} com
You can also use the contact form below


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  1. Jenny @ Practically Perfect... says

    Oh my gosh – I LOVE Scentsy products! I bought several things before we moved to New Zealand, and they are the best! I'm just guessing that they don't do international shipping though! Boo! Seriously, though – love their stuff 🙂

  2. Lauren says

    This is awesome! I wish you best of luck, Scentsy is a great company with amazing product. I have 2 warmers and a little wall plug! When I ventured into the world of independent consulting I went with Heritage Makers. My site is http://www.storieshappen.com When i am ready to make a scentsy order I will be shooting you an email but check out my site in return! gotta help a mama out 😉
    Congrats on the new job and have a blast!

  3. Krystyn says

    Congrats on taking the leap, and good luck! I've never tried their products before, but I hear they are amazing.

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