The Things You Pick Up in Storytime

On accident I stumbled upon storytime at our local library. I decided to stick around and check it out. If anything I figured it would help waste time while B was finishing up some things he had to do around town. This was Mason’s very first story time as well as the first time he’s been around so many babies/toddlers at one time!
And today I learned something about my son that I had suspected for quite some time.
He’s a boy.
While the penis between his legs gave this away from the second he was born I still didn’t quite understand what this meant for me as a mother.
It meant that I would have to constantly say “Be Gentle” or “Do Nice”. I wanted a boy first because I thought they’d be easier when they were teenagers, less attitude. I think I forgot about the trouble they can get themselves into and their rough and tumble nature.
Mason is only 7 1/2 Months old. He doesn’t understand what being gentle even means yet. He’s also learning how to walk so he loves pulling himself up. And he doesn’t care if he’s pulling himself up on the couch or if he’s pulling himself up on me, his father or the poor unsuspecting toddlers in story time with him.
And he certainly doesn’t understand why they start whimpering and run away when he {almost}knocks them over and tries to smother them with his slobbery kisses.

One thing my boy isn’t?


At the end of story time the toys were pulled out. They were in a big basket and Mason crawled over there so fast I think he made it there before half of the group. He pulled himself up and immediately started digging in to the toys.

And reaching for other children’s toys and using them as his transition to get to the next bucket of toys. I think he wanted to walk just like they were but because he’s still so young he didn’t know that it wasn’t okay to just grab on to someone and use them to get to where he needed to go. And he didn’t seem to care one bit when they seemed to get upset. He just looked up at them with his innocent smile and his bright blue eyes and giggled.

Mason is still a baby and he’s learning and I love that he’s not shy and not afraid of throwing himself into the mix with a bunch of kids who were not only bigger than him but also more advanced in terms of walking and talking.

Everyone was commenting on his hair and how strong he was. I don’t think they were mad I think everyone understood and it’s not like I was letting him attack them or anything. Did he get to them before I got to him at some points yes. But he wasn’t trying to be mean. He was trying to show some love!  And maybe the toddlers who ran from my little man to their mamas should suck it up and stop acting like a baby.

I kid. I kid.

What was your first story time experience like? Were/Are your LO{s} anything like Mason? Or were they more like the babies running away from the bully Mason?

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  1. Mommy Boots says

    Nellie is pretty uninterested in other babies. She just kind of stares at them, takes their stuff, and in return, they reach out and grab her hair and pull it. It's… A mutual relationship of slight fascination and disdain.

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