Mason Takes the Park

We took Mason to the park the other day because it was so nice out. Me, Mason, My Mom, J, L and A all met my grandmother, my abuelita and her nurse at the park. It was so nice to see Mason with my Abuelita again. And I LOVE seeing her with Mason. I wish that I could communicate with her better. The language barrier definitely sucks.
They don’t seem to notice though:

Oh and did I mention that Mason had a doctor’s appointment on the 27th {:Last Friday} He got some vaccines boo…My poor baby handled it like a CHAMP though. See when we held him down he was PISSED and when he got pricked by the needled he screamed a little louder but AS SOON as I picked him up he stopped crying! I swear he was more pissed off that we held him down than he was about the needles.
Battle Scars!
We put Mase face on the swings for the first time!
He liked it but I think he’s still a little too small for it!
So anyway Mason turned 7 Months on the 30th! Post to come soon! I’m just waiting on a special surprise 🙂 
Weight— 18.10
Height/Length— 26.5 {30th Percentile WOOT}
Head— 17 1/4 {Average}
Random but….
Are you sad that it’s September? I’m not sure how I feel!

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Emily @ Baby Dickey says

    cuuuute! I took Ryan (ha, I almost wrote Steve) to the park to go swinging a few weeks ago–so little in that seat, love it! and i'm glad it's september — SUCKS it's closer to winter, i hattttte winter, but… i LOVE fall. 🙂

  2. Mighty M says

    He looks like he enjoyed the swing! I hate having to hold my children down for shots – it's the worse and they probably can sense that and it definitely doesn't help keep them from completely freaking out. Shots are a necessary evil.

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