Making It Baby Ready

As some of you may or may not know I’m headed back to VA to give it another shot with B. I’m super excited about it, I’m hoping things will really take off and that we can be the family that we’re meant to be.
One thing I’m not super excited about? Making it Baby Ready
Our first problem is with our living room furniture  it’s all pretty much new because we got it from B’s Aunt when she passed away but our living room is small and the furniture is BIG. Which obviously results in little to no space when it comes to Mason crawling around which he tends to do a lot these days! 
Don’t believe me? 
THAT’S our living room! Okay first UGLY carpet go away. Second our SUPER large coffee table can self destruct. And HI unmatching ottoman that B refuses to get rid of! 
Okay that aside. I really wouldn’t mind it so much if we set it up the right way. But you can see in the picture that we don’t have much room for Mase to crawl around and with how mobile he is that’s a huge problem for us. Our coffee table is just way too big so we NEED to get a smaller one ASAP which would help clear up some space. If we were to keep it we would need to get something soft to put on the corners though because right now they’re currently at EYE level with Mason. When I went a couple of weeks ago we kept putting our body parts over the corners to make sure that our dare devil wasn’t getting hurt!
I would also love if we could make the ottoman match and maybe even possibly buy some more ottomans? I feel like they’re perfect to rest your feet and they add more seating which will be perfect for the football season that is coming up. 
Any suggestions on what I could do with that ottoman? Do I keep it? Buy a new one? 
And the coffee table, it’s in REALLY good condition and I would LOVE it in a BIGGER room. But it doesn’t work for us in our current living room! Should I sell it? Put it in storage?

The Fine Print: This is a sponsored post however everything in it is real! i.e that is my living room and I’m really having these problems with it!

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  1. Emily @ Baby Dickey says

    I have an idea!! We completely got rid of our coffee table – added space for Ryan + no more corners. But… you could use that ottoman that doesn't match the couches as your table! for real. in the middle of the room you wouldn't notice the color difference – and then buy like one of those huge serving trays to set on top of it so you have a hard service if u need to set drinks down or something (ya know, when M isn't around, cuz he'd have those drinks on the floor in a SECOND!) Then no more sharp corner for M!

  2. Annie says

    In my living room we don't have anything in the middle….no ottoman no coffee table. I think you could get rid of them entirely or put them in storage until Mason is older. It will appear so much roomier that way. And what is the purpose of a coffee table anyways? LOL

    Good luck with everything in VA!

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