I REFUSE to Miss an Episode!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yesterday was the Season Finale of Big Brother and I really enjoyed it! I would have enjoyed it more if Lane and Enzo had made it to the final two or if Lane had won but alas that didn’t happen. Luckily for me I really liked everyone who made it to the Final Four so I was happy with whoever won.

In New York my Mom had a TiVo and we LOVED it. It makes it so much easier to watch our shows! The babies are always asleep or laying down and we can breeze through our shows with no intruptions like commercials. And if the kids do wake up?! We just pause it!

It has been years since TiVo came out and it has only gotten better! With TiVo Premiere you can check out everything your favorite actors have done and then watch it through YouTube, Amazon VOD, Blockbuster, Netflix or your cable lineup! I’m really excited for the TiVo Premiere feature because with all the new shows also comes new/lesser known actors and this will make it easier to get to know them! Searching for these things has gotten even better with the TiVo Slide Remote! Before when you were searching for a show you’d have this little keyboard pop up and you’d have to click the arrow keys to the correct letter then press enter. Then you’d have to do it all over again for each letter. Now with the TiVo Slide Remote you have a keyboard that you guessed it, slides out! Making it easier to search for your shows! It also has a backlight for when your using it in a dark room which if you’re like most of us is exactly what you’re doing!

Now that it’s September I’m super excited for Fall TV. I can’t wait for Glee it’s hilarious and I love singing and dancing along {I can’t wait for the Britney Spears episode!}. I’m also really excited for Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy. Modern Family kills me every time and Grey’s ended sooo good last year! I think she’s still pregnant by the way. We’ll see if I’m right!

The only thing I’m not excited for? I have to watch everything in real time! Whether Mason is being fussy or not because we don’t have a TiVo ;'( But I do have some good news. You {and ME!!} Enter to Win a TiVo Slide in TiVo’s “30 Slides in 30 Day” but it ends September 22nd so HURRY! While you’re at it become a Facebook Fan so you can stay up to date on everything TiVo!!

What show do you refuse to miss an episdoe of this season?!

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