First Tooth

I haven’t had any pictures for a little bit because I haven’t had the piece that connects to the computer in order to get the pictures off my camera. Luckily I got something from Walmart that reads 33 different types of cards/memory cards so I finally have access to them and it’s a good thing because I took the cutest pictures of Mason yesterday!

Every night when we eat dinner we put Mason in his high chair and give him some puffs or solid foods {not purees} that he can pick up and put in his mouth. He loves eating dinner with us. Two nights ago I gave him some puffs and also a piece of wheat bread. He pretty much just sucks on the bread. The rest of it ends up everywhere else. Here see for yourself:

 He had pieces of bread all over his face!

 “Look Mom! No hands!”

 I love this picture because you can really see the bread stuck on his forehead!

You see that?!? That right there is Mason’s FIRST tooth AND the FIRST picture I’ve ever gotten of it!

 Don’t babble with your mouth open little man!

This is around the time I decided it was bath time!
He ws super messy but he really enjoyed it!
I can’t believe he already has his first tooth! His second bottom tooth is also on it’s way up. It broke through his gum sometime last night. It’s barely up though the only way I can tell his by putting my finger in his mouth. He’s been a lot fussier than he usually is but he’s still such a good baby. I don’t mind that he needs some extra TLC when he’s teething! But I do have some teething questions for you mamas!
Did your little ones usually get the runs when they were teething? Mason has had some seriously nasty blowouts. One of which required an immediate trip to bathroom for a bath! What about fevers? Anything help your little one not be in so much pain while teething?
I feel terrible for him because he has no idea what’s going on just that it hurts 🙁

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  1. Mighty M says

    Such cute photos – and YES I can totally see the tooth! Neither of my kids had bowel issues…hope they go away because he has 19 more teeth to go!!

  2. Her Momma says

    i DO believe the runs can be common during teething… and my Lovie was having some incredible blowouts herself and lo and behold: TWO BOTTOM TEETH (over the weekend). GL! And CUTE CUTE PICS!

  3. Emily @ Baby Dickey says

    Ok, Ryan was asleep on my lap when I read this post and I couldn't stop laughing–those pics are hilarious! And cute 🙂

    Ryan would get extra grumpy and not sleep well right before a tooth broke through (he has 4 now), but never had a fever or worse poop (that I noticed, anyway). We used the hyland's teething tabs and I seriously think they helped!

  4. Christina says

    Teeth always bring the runs, and fevers for us. We use ibuprofen, and Hyland's Teething tablets. The Hyland's products work so good, my girls get them now still for their molars they are working on.

  5. Beth says

    AH! He's huge!!! M always has nasty poo problems when a new tooth is coming in. It's what lets me know the end is near! They say it's normal from swallowing all the drool. Only one of his teeth ever gave him a fever – for that one we just did a half dose of tylenol every so often and he was fine. Good luck mama – teeth SUCK.

  6. Just Add Walter says

    I love that you let him get messy and be a boy – some mothers won't let their kids have fun like that!! I love his little tooth — congratulations mason!!

  7. Anonymous says

    yay for masonn!!!! and his first tooth.. yes the runs are normal.. fevers are normal… put something in the freezer for him to suck on.. wet a wash cloth and roll it up and freeze it over night it gives them something cold to chew on!!! there are these teething balls that then chew on that disintegrate in their mouth they are humphrys or somthing is the name.. good luck =)

  8. Meant to be a mom says

    Oh Mason, I swear you get cuter and cuter every time I see your precious little face. He has just about the most adorable big round eyes ever! I bet he knows how to just melt your heart. 🙂

    Sorry to hear that he's teething and having tummy troubles with it. But yay 1st tooth!
    I've heard horror stories about the things that can happen while teething. Some babies get symptoms worst than others. We were very fortunate and Cooper only had a little trouble sleeping while teething. Other than that so far nothing to severe. I hope Mason's teeth pop through quickly so he can get to feeling better fast.

  9. Mommy Boots says

    So, I have decided that your babe and my Nellie pretty much need to be married and have babies, because they'd be the most beautiful dark headed things in the history of everything. So, can we start talking betrothal? Dowries? Etc?

  10. allie says

    congrats on the first tooth! he looks even cuter with that little white guy popping up on the bottom! henry never had blowouts with his first two teeth but the little boy i nanny sure did…YIKES! also, he would get a slight fever and runny nose too. i always thought he was sick before realizing he was teething again.

    one thing that has helped henry with teething pain is these little mesh feeder bags (you can find them at target…) i freeze fruits (peaches and banana are his fave), stick it into the bag, and let him gum up the ice cold treat. also, he loves chewing on those rubber benefit bracelets…you know, like the Lance Armstrong ones? I just watch him real close.

    Good luck! Hope he's sleeping well for ya!

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