Down with Bounce Houses?

Forthe first time in a long time I spent a majority of the night talking to friends on Twitter. Mason was asleep early and B was passed out and since I can’t fall asleep before 12AM I was left with my twitter friends which is never a bad thing 🙂
All of a sudden tweets and RT’s were going like crazy because of this tweet
Natrually I clicked on it! It sounds really scary right? And after reading her post I realized it WAS scary. Go ahead hop on over there to read it for yourself. I’m also going to give a brief synopsis if you want to stay put!
Her young son was in a bouncy house that had slope that you could climb up using a rope. The rope was tied at the top and not at the bottom. This mother was outside of the bouncy house {Thank God} when she heard her son screaming from within. She quickly realized that the rope was wrapped around his neck and ran into help him, she wasn’t strong enough but luckily the father of the birthday boy helped her save her son. The story that she got from the children in the bounce house was that another child wrapped the rope around her son’s neck and pushed him.
This is a VERY scary story. I’m not disputing that. It’s awful and I’m truly happy and thankful that this story has a happy ending because it could have ended way worse than it did which we all know. No mother should ever have to go through that!
But as I was sitting there reading the comments and watching the tweets and RTs flying I couldn’t believe that everyone was pretty much blaming the bouncy house company. There were tweets saying “that’s so dangerous’. “I’m never letting my child in a bouncy house”.  But there were hardly {if any} tweets about what really caused this *almost* tragedy. The other child {who they were unable to identify}.
I don’t think that Bouncy Houses are 100% safe. Nothing really is or can be. But the bouncy house is NOT to blame here. And I most certainly will allow my child to play in one once he’s old enough with caution of course because that’s what we do as mothers. We watch our children and we are cautious and worried for them even when they are not.
I’m glad I wasn’t completely alone in my thoughts:
For me it gets to the point where I feel like we CAN’T take EVERY horror story and apply it to our children. They’ll end up growing up in this tiny little bubble where they can never have fun becasue we’re terrified of the What If because of all the stories we’ve read here or there.
What do you all think? I’m curious too know since it seems like I’m in the minority!


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  1. Mama B says

    I completely agree! We can shelter our kids for obvious dangers, but come on! It was freak accident, scary yes, but rare. I wouldn't be banning the bounce house. I would never allow my kids to play with that bully!! I will say that my kid will be playing in bouncey houses, supervised of course, but this story did make me more aware.

    We think alike Little BGCG, I like you 😉

  2. TheTreeHugginMomma says

    I think that you are absolutely right. I feel horribly for this mother and cannot imagine what she has been through. However, my mom was the one that wouldn't let us do ANYTHING because it might be dangerous. Yes, she did it out of love. It sucked though. I'm not going to do that to my baby!

  3. Melly says

    I agree with you; NOTHING is 100% safe. The child who put the rope around the neck of the kid in the first place is the problem here. It's not the bounce house's fault or company's that a boy thought that would be a good idea. To just blindly blame the bounce house and the company is ignorant and all those blaming them should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Allie says

    I feel that the child and the bounce company are at blame. Should the child have been. Wrapping the other in the rope and then pushing him? No. But I also feel the rope needed to be sucured at the bottom as well as the top as a precaution to little shit head kids who do evil things like that. And if I was that more it would be a point I would bring up to that company.

    Now that being said, I would not ban bouncie houses from our lives. Just like if my kid is ever in a bike accident we won't take those away. Its a very scary situation that she was put through but things in life happwn and you can't prevent everything terrible from our kiddies!

  5. Mama Bennie says

    I agree it is not the bounce house's fault. But I will bring up the point that the rope should be secured on both ends. In my opinion it is still not the bounce houses fault for not having a rope secured at both ends, because how the heck should the company know that some little kid is going to attempt to be a homicidal freak…it isn't normal for young children to be like that, and that child needs some help for his issues. I feel really bad for @graceannounce because I follow her too and no mother should EVER have to go through that. I hope they can figure out exactly what child it was.

  6. Jayme says

    I am pretty lax with the stuff I let my kids do, so I'd never keep them from playing on something because of a random story. If we listened to everything, our kids would be sitting on the floor in bubble wrap. I was about to say couch, but they might fall off and get hurt….

  7. Bounce House manufacturer says

    Really scary story indeed. I jut couldn't help but feel that the other kid who did this to the poor boy should be placed under some kind of therapy. Clearly, he has psychopathic tendencies and could seriously harm another child. And yeah, why do we Americans always blame manufacturers if we encounter situations like this? Class actions are getting more and more ridiculous!

  8. says

    I’m glad her child was okay! But yeah I don’t see that as the bouncy houses fault… it’s the other childs! I mean by golly what would make another kid do that!

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