Back to Blogging with the SITS Girls: Day 1

This week I’m joining in with the SITS Girls for Back to Blogging week! They’re being sponsored this week by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.

The First day you re-post your VERY first post. So here it is:

I wrote my very first post when I was newly pregnant with Mason. I’m talking VERY newly pregnant. At first I had wanted to document my entire pregnancy so the post title was

5 Weeks, 3 Days
34 Weeks 4 Days to go.

My main goal of doing this was to keep everyone updated. You know how big our family is. It’s going to be impossible to talk to everyone everyday or even every week. So I made this.

NO ONE knows yet. Except for B and I. Okay well that’s a small fib, two couples he knows also know. The first couple W and G just had a baby and B went over to visit and almost fainted when he saw their baby. They kinda guessed…They gave him some baby books for me to look at the though so I wasn’t so mad. Then another couple B knows also know because I knew I wasn’t ready to tell the family yet but it was easy to talk to C since she has a baby C (he’s the cutest thing ever!)
Anyway it’s not that I didn’t want to tell you guys first, of course I did, I just wanted to make sure first. I haven’t gone to the doctor’s yet but I’m going to soon. It’s Memorial Day so I have to make an appointment tomorrow since everything is closed today. So after my doctor’s apppointment is when I’ll start telling people…
I’m scared and I’m nervous but B has been great and everything is going to be fine. I’m sure of it.

<3 Me

That was the very first post I ever wrote! Looking back now I wouldn’t change too much. I thought my family would be the only ones who EVER read this blog so I addressed it to them of course. Now what I know what blogging is all about I wouldn’t have addressed it just to them!

I wrote that at the end of May which is technically my blogging anniversary which I completely flew by. But September is when I really started blogging regularly! Maybe I should have a giveaway? I’ll put something together to thank you guys 🙂 

So Happy Anniversary Month to me I would say! 

What did you write about in your very first post? 

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Modista Modesta says

    That is a sweet first entry. It's all a learning process and it looks like you've really grown your blog for the better.

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