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Yay! It was so fun to look back the last three days but I’m excited ‘to be able to write something new today! On Day 4 we have to write a post about a woman who inspires you.

There isn’t just one woman in my life who inspires me, there are multiple, there’s the obvious one, my mother. What mother isn’t insipring to their daughter for better or worse? So who are these women? and in some case girls??

My Mom because of the commitment and dedication she has to all SEVEN of her children, my dad and her community.
My sister Allie because she doesn’t take anything from anyone
My sister Julia because of her patience and loving nature
My sister Ava who’s going to be one heck of woman one day and the fact that I know that already even though she’s only 2 1/2 should tell you soething
My Aunt Denise because she’s always there for me even when she doesn’t have to be/shouldn’t be
My Grandmother becasue she taught my mother everything she knows and can get Mase to sleep in a matter of minutes 🙂
My Oma because she managed to raise seven children and live to tell about it!
My Aunt Renee becasuse of the beautiful pictures she has taken throughout the years that have captured so many great memories
And finally
All the women in my life who have taught me something whether it was something good or BAD and most importantly all the women who WON’T be offended because I didn’t mention them specifically 🙂

What women/woman inspires you?

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