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So last Thursday I went to VA to visit B and because it’s was his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Needless to say I didn’t get ANY blogging done except for on Little BGCG and His Mama Review It! But even that wasn’t much. I didn’t get to finish my blogHer 10 post and it looks like I’m not going to be able to because I don’t have the pictures. I took them off my camera and put them on my Mom’s computer and on a disc that for whatever reason WON’T open on my computer which thankfully charged for me. There’s something wrong with my Mom’s computer so I don’t have access to those pictures. I’m so nervous that I’m going to lose all my pictures. 1) My Mom’s computer is messed up and all my newer pictures are on that. 2) I bought a bunch of DVDs to put all my pictures from this computer onto and for whatever reason my computer refuses to recognize it as a blank disc that I can put pictures on. UGH! With that being said I do have some pictures from this weekend so I will be putting those up for Part 1 of this weekend! 
I’ll be back soon with pictures from this weekend and hopefully a blogher10 post! 

1) Do any of you computer savvy people know why the discs aren’t being recognized on my computer? 
2) Does anyone want to buy me a computer? {okay I’m not being serious with this but I mean if you want to then yes I am serious ;)}

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Candace says

    Hey… So I found if you go to Best Buy they have these CDs (like 5 in a package) and they have a program on them to find all the pictures on your computer and store them on the CD…. So you put the Cd in and you don't even have to click anything it just does it! I love them… Just something you might like.

  2. WeeMasonMan's Mom says

    If the computer is older, it's quite possible you bought the wrong type of DVDs – the writer may only be DVD-R and you may have purchased DVD+R. Other thought would be if your computer has TWO disc drives (two CD/DVD trays that pop out), you may accidentally have the disc in the DVD Reader instead of in the Writer. Otherwise, I'm stuck on simple suggestions unfortunately.

    In your shoes, I would go buy a USB Thumb/Jump/whatever your local store calls it) and use that since it plugs right into USB and even a $10 one will hold thousands of photos.

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