Surprise & 60 Years!

I got there on Thursday {8/12} around 3ish. B had no idea I was coming and he was super surprised to see us! It was so nice to arrive earlier than I usually did because we had a majority of the day to hang out and do stuff together. 

We went to our neighbor’s house and celebrated a Birthday with them. Our neighbor’s host family from Spain is visiting for a month and it was their son’s 10th Birthday. They cooked out, had caked and a pinata. Everyone *LOVED* Mason they kept saying how great his hair and how B and I made the cutest baby. Which I had to agree lol. They think we should get him into modeling…What do you think? Mason Man the next big thing!?
Friday I woke up early with Mason, went to the grocery store and started preparing for the week/end. We had all three meals at home {so proud of us} and we just hung out as a family it was nice! We rented Hot Tub Time Machine {SO SO Funny} and Death at a Funeral but we didn’t watch that until Saturday night! 
On Saturday we got up hung around for a little and then we got ready for Bly’s Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. It was a 2hr drive so we had to leave at around 3ish to get there on time. It was my first time venturing to Northern Virginia. It was really nice. First we stopped at his grandparents house and they we headed to the restaurant which was really close to their house. The outside was deceiving let me tell you because it was seriously one of the best Italian places I’ve had in a long time. 
I was so happy that we were able to be there and that Mason was able to meet B’s family! It was the first time M meant his Uncle E, his cousin L, his great grandparents, Great Uncle S and Great Aunt J along with numerous other family members. They were in love as well. 


 M happy to meet his Great Grandparents! 

It’s absolutely amazing that B’s Grandparents have been together for so long! 1) No one gets married that earlier these days so it’s getting rarer and rarer and 2) No one lives that long hehe. B and I were talking about it and we would have to get married like tomorrow and i would have to live to be 83 and B would have to live to be 87. That’s not so bad I guess. Although B insists he’ll probably die within 40 years. I hope not :/

Anyway time for some picture overload for the fam 🙂 

B’s Uncle and his Mom giving the speech! 

The kids loves his phone…he takes after his Mama! 

B thinks the speech is funny {hence the clapping} and M is absolutely mesmerized by something but I’m not quite sure what!

Yummy water!!! 

B and Mason’s ONLY cousin Lacey Jane 🙂 

Lacey LOVED her little cousin!

M and Great Grandpa Grigg!

My fav pic of B and his brothers. Mainly because of B’s face. That’s my guy 🙂

Look at my handsome devil!! 

Do you think they look alike?

 Mason and Aunt Crystal Lacey’s Mom

That night we got home and watched Death at a Funeral which was also really funny! 
Sunday we went to brunch at B’s mother’s house, Uncle E, Aunt C, Cousin L and Uncle G were all there and we had a nice time and the food was delish. I tried Turkey Bacon for the first time. YUM! After brunch we headed over to visit B’s Dad {with Lacey and Uncle E} who was in the hospital for a surgery.

Monday was probably one of my favorite days because it was quite the cultural experience but that gets it’s OWN post when I get the pictures that I need! 

Stay Tuned!!
Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Meant to be a mom says

    What a great trip… And can I just say that Mason is truly such a cutie baby boy!

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed your time visiting and Mason meeting everyone.

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