Week By Week: 22 & 23

 22 Weeks
July 3rd 2010

We’ll start with a good one 🙂

He is still SO obessed with the sign! You’ll see this in his 23 Week shots too but I tried to distract him with another stuffed animal which just meant that he refused to look at me!

SO happy he got his hands on it! 
SO pissed when I took it away! 

And End with a good one 🙂 

23 Weeks
July 10th 2010

Getting these pictures was like PULLING TEETH! It was INSANE! He just refused to cooperate. I have so many “outtakes” it’s a little ridiculous!

oooh there’s that sign again…I MUST Have it! 

Forget the sign what’s this over here?! This is the part where Mason proceeds to stand up and look over the edge of the couch successfully scaring the crap out of his mommy! So with the couch not going so great I decided to try out the floor since little man is OFFICIALLY sitting up on his own! I have a video of it and it’s the cutest thing ever! Will post soon! 
You didn’t know? Paper is sooo yummy! Just ask M! 
So I gave him another sign to eat to distract him from the one I needed! 

At least he’s looking right? This is about the time I noticed that he was actually eating the paper and his mouth was turning black. SO I got another item to distract him: 
And then we moved back to the couch! 
This is one of my favorites but in case you couldn’t tell…NO SIGN 🙁 
Truly enjoying his teddy bear teether! 
This was pretty much the best one of the bunch! And he’s got drool running down his little body and he isn’t even smiling booo 🙁 And then he was officially over it but before it was done I got these:
“Catch Me!!!”

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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