I don’t usually do this…

But Maybe I should. I have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and it is through blogging that I realize just how truly BLESSED I am. How blessed my family and friends are.

Whenever I can’t fall asleep I blog hop. It’s what I do. Sometimes I stay a while and comment and sometimes even follow and sometimes something hits me so much that I have to talk about it or blog about it. So I’m doing that. 
Take the time to visit this family. Pray for their little miracle!

and this Little boy and his family could use some prayers too his blonde hair and blue eyes reminds me so much of L…

*And in case you don’t do it enough already hug, kiss and cuddle your babies*


{Getting to Know You}
{6 Months}


  1. Maryanne says

    Thank you for sharing those! It's sad that these amazing kids have to go through so much at so young. I certainly do cuddle my girl every day!

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