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So almost two weeks ago L and  A came back from FL. We all couldn’t wait to see them {and my grandparents} I can’t believe they were gone for an entire month. Now it seems like they never left at all!

{Ava with her new kitchen that I found on the side of the road}
{She was being so shy it was like she forgot us at first!}
{He obviously missed the trampoline}
Did I mention that this was also the FIRST time that my Grandfather got to meet little man? 
M was happy to meet his Great-Grandfather to say the least!
And Ava was beyond thrilled to be reunited with HER baby!
We had a cookout {I know longer call them BBQs because according to B that is something entirely different that what we actually do} the day after they got home {July 17th} it was also a celebration for L and A’s birthday but mainly L’s since it was on his actual birthday! 
 D wouldn’t let me take a picture 🙁 
And M like always slept through some of it!
Aunt Denise and Abuelita 
Abuelita and I 
Trying to take a picture with D but alas he refuses this picture as well! 
Me and my other little buddy!
dipping M in the pool!
Walking the edge!
Allie also got a little Happy Birthday Song. 
 Much to her delight surprise.
Although I still think I got her best when I brought her out to Chili’s the day after her Birthday which was June 30th and had them sing Happy Birthday to her! She had NO idea it was coming and it was great to surprise her. It worked out well since she almost didn’t even come with Julia and I to Chili’s!
See what I mean?
And when the cookout was over we were all tired and felt like this: 
That’s my Mase Face’s I’m tired cry. Melt your heart it does!

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Just Add Walter says

    I don't think I have ever realized how curly Mason's hair is. He is such a cutie! Love all the pictures!

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