Happy Birthday….

To TWO very special people! 

Four years ago on this very day my Mother had Luke! Being a summer baby I was able to be home for it even though I was away at college at the time. I searched and SEARCHED my photos and couldn’t find ANY from when Luke was an infant. I’m sure my parents have some…So I’ll look when I can! We’re getting ready for his Birthday Celebration as we speak…it starts in oooh 25 minutes! 

and now

L and J

L LOVES the trampoline! 

M and L

Okay so I bet your wondering…you said TWO birthdays…so who’s the other one?! Well 4 years ago on this exact day B and his family were welcoming in a little bundle of joy as well! Another L but a GIRL 🙂 
Isn’t she adorable? I was lucky I even had these pictures to show! They were uploaded to my computer on accident when we were uploading pictures of Cash from B’s Dad’s camera about a year ago! I’m glad they were here!
Happy Birthday to the two cutest four year olds around!

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Anonymous says

    mason and luke look sooo much alike in their eyesss i thought the first picture was mason but it was luke! happy birthday big guy!

  2. zookeeperjess says

    I'm from More Followers at Mama B 🙂 I have 3 little sisters. 1 is 6, 1 is almost 5 and the other will be 1 in a month. I have tons of other siblings too lol 😉 What cuties!!

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