Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above: Part 4

This took me so long to get out! But here it is finally!
 {What’s missing from this picture?!}

Crazy Baby! 

Mason and his GREAT GREAT Grandmother! 

Bly, Mason, Abuelita and I 

Aunt Erica, Mason and Mommy

Godparent generations: Explanation: My Aunt Renee is Erica’s godmother and obviously Erica is Mason’s Godmother! 
 And Julia is also my Aunt Renee’s Godmother!

B puttng Mason down for his nap. About 10 minutes later B put him down and he of course immediately woke up. Lil man is semi used to sleeping on someone for at least 15 minutes! 

The Single Mama came to M’s baptism and she brought Hudson of course! How cute are these future best friends?! 

Hudson was super cooperative during this photo shoot, Mason on the other hand…NOT SO MUCH 🙁 

My Handsome Devil 🙂 

Grammy and Mason! 

Mason Sandwich! 

Me and a sleepy Hudson! 

Ladies and Gents meet my Dad 🙂 


 A and L…I’m pretty sure L is punching A in the tummy. L’s face and fist suggest this! 

Oma and Pa!

Aunt Crystal and Mason Man! 

A and L 

Mason asleep on PawPawD! I’m so glad they ended up staying another night!
Mason getting some boobie milk! 
L 🙂 

Volleyball and let me warn you we are super competitive! You should have seen my Dad and B lol! I was a lil worried for a second! At one point they were both in the front facing each other and my Dad pretty much spiked it in B’s face and was like YEAAA!! It was HILARIOUS {after we realized they weren’t going to fight lmao I KID I KID} 

We have a trampoline too! 

I <3 this picture

Oma and Mase!

Not the best picture but a picture none the less!

If you guys made it through ALL the pictures and ALL the posts Thank You SOOO much! It was an awesome day and we’re so lucky we got to share it with family and friends!!

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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