Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2: The Church Ceremony
Missed Part 1? No you didn’t…HERE it is!

The Church is literally 5 minutes from my house so we all packed up and followed each other over there. Some of my relatives were already there. Not a shocker lol. But we were pretty much on time so I wasn’t worried about it! The only people we were waiting on were Mason’s Grammy and Aunt Crystal, The Single Mama, and my Aunt Denise! Poor Grammy and Aunt Crystal got caught in some traffic on 287 since they drove up from Virginia that day!

Mason knocked out from the time we left my house! 
Seriously it’s a 5 minute drive so he must have been sleepy :/

Where are you guys!? Are you almost here?!
 B and I 
My Parents! 
I’m going to try my hardest to put the next couple of pictures in the right order!

Godparents 🙂 
Getting Blessed…Sign of Cross on chest
Getting batpized with the Holy Water 🙂
He didn’t cry at all 🙂 He was just a little like “umm What are you doing Mr?”

Sign of the cross again on his forehead after the Baptism 🙂

Erica putting the Baptismal bib on Mason

David lighting the Baptismal Candle the Mason will use one day on his Wedding Day!!

Paying close attention to the Deacon!

Great Godparents 🙂

AJ playing Alter Boy while I get blessed!
And B getting blessed
And both of us!!
And Then it was Over! 
“That’s what all the fuss was about!?” 
It was such a beautiful ceremony! I’m so glad that it was private and that we got the Deacon that we did. We’ve known him for years & he baptized most of my siblings! He made it fun & personal! Which was great! And I’m so glad we got to share the day with our friends & family!
Up Next: Part 3: The Family Pictures!!


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