You Are my Sunshine….

I went to VA on Thursday so that Mason and B could spend time together on Father’s Day {Pictures to come later!} and I took this video on the way down when we were only a couple of hours outside of Hburg. For whatever reason Mason loves hearing me sing You Are my Sunshine to him, He must be tone deaf like me. After a bit of rambling in the video you can see how quickly it can make him calm down!

It’s funny because after I recorded the video I played the video to see how silly I sounded and he stopped crying again whenever he heard me stop singing on the video!
On a different note, I’m going to to try really hard to get back into posting more regularly. Not for you guys, although I love that you come back and read what I have to say but for me. I love doing this! I love capturing these memories for Mason! That’s why I blog and because a lot of you ladies are awesome and I love” meeting” you! 
So why do YOU blog?

Because You Love Me Him 🙂
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