Video Time

So the story behind this obnoxiously loud video is this:

Mason always wakes up a super happy baby which I LOVE. He’s all smiles. Well I decided to play peek-a-boo with him and when I was doing the BOO part his eyes would go all bugged out like I really surprised him and/or scared him! And then he would do this cute little baby chuckle. It was so cute. So I was trying to get him to do it again but alas he refused. But he’s still super smiley and super cute so check it out! Oh and pay no attention to my Mom yelling to the kids…they have chores to do you know! 😉 Or me missing Mason’s head for some of the video I was trying to make him laugh and wasn’t paying attention oops.

Okay so this video might be sideways and really short but it has Mason laughing and it is so cute! This was taken a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t even realize that I was taking a video I meant to take a picture!


April Goals {how'd I do} and May goals!!


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