This is going to be a very random post SORRY! First off I feel like I’ve been so out of touch lately with all my bloggy friends! I just have not had the energy nor the patience to get online and half the time when I do I post something quick for the sake of the people who come here to see M’s cute little face because unlike me they don’t get the pleasure of seeing him every single day! And there are so many blogs in my reader that it’s so daunting to even start the process of reading. And it sucks because I’m missing out on some of my favorites! And trust me I have a lot of favorites!

Work has just been killing me lately! I work 3-4 days a week which isn’t much at all, I know that but it’s stressful and I still don’t like leaving M and people are such shitty tippers sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bother going to work! Take today for instance I literally LOST money on 3 different tables that I had tonight! And trust me it wasn’t the service tonight was one of the best nights I have EVER had as far as service goes because my section wasn’t crazy busy like it usually is! It’s just people who don’t know how to tip right and it’s very frustrating! 1 bill was $99 and they left me 3 bucks! Another was $92 and they left me $7 and another was $112 and they left me $9. Even if I was the shittest waitress ever {which I wasn’t} I still deserved better than that! So frustrating to lose money on a table! Especially when you don’t have much to spare! Oh well! I can’t do anything about it now can I? I know I just sounded like I’m over it but I’m still sorta not…

So anyway working has really put a damper on my blogging because it’s makes me stressed which makes me want to veg whenever I’m home not to mention I make it a point to only blog when M is sleeping and as he gets older he sleeps less and less. Did I mention my little man is a 20 minute napper? So I can never get anything done until he’s out for the night! And he still doesn’t sleep through the night so a lot of it is interrupted! 

So with all that I just haven’t felt like blogging. It’s become more a chore than it used to be! And I don’t want that at all! Because I used to love blogging {and for the record I still do} but it’s changed a bit. Maybe now because my priorities have also changed, that MIGHT have something to do with me having a baby, I know I KNOW crazy right?! 

Anyway I’m really hoping that I can get back into it again like I once was! I can’t decide if I need a LONG break or if I just need to start doing it again so that it becomes a habit again. Because blogging can be very therapeutic for me and it’s such a great way to document the things that M does! Which reminds me…Did I mention that M now rolls? Not only from tummy to his back but from his back to his tummy? He just did that on Friday {back to tummy} I was sooo impressed with my little man! Now I put him down to change his diaper, turn around to grab the diaper turn back around and M is on is tummy! So freaking cute!  I’m going to upload a video soon! 

Okay I think this post is long enough! Things to look for this week: Video of M rolling! Goals for June {HOLY SHIT IT’S JUNE!!!}, Weekly Picture Update and Monthly Picture update!


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  1. Mighty M says

    I know, how did June get here so fast?? If you want to take a break, go ahead.. Sometimes it really helps me to stop for a while then I feel energized to come back. Hope the stress eases up for you soon and I really think you need to get some good tipping customers already, jeez!

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