Must Have Monday

Must-Have Monday

This week I’m joining in with Me As A Mommy and Julia @ Work,Wife, Mom for their very first addition of Must Have Monday! The last week I’ve been crazy crazy busy and like Me As A Mommy my Must Have Item this week was a babywearing item but mine was my Papoozie Baby Sling and my Ama Baby Ring Sling! I wasn’t too big on slings at first but now I love them and they’re super easy to use! I went to a TON of baseball games this week and it was so easy to pop him in out of the sling! I also used it to nurse for the first time this week too! GO ME 🙂 

It was really easy and a LIFE SAVER! Mason was comfortable, I was comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was exposing myself at all. Yay to not nursing with a cover {As M has gotten bigger he’s started pulling at any cover I have making it a complete nightmare!} Now that I’ve practically mastered nursing in a sling it’s been so much better. So without a doubt my MUST HAVE item for this week were my Ring Slings!
What is your Must Have Item of the week/day/month? 🙂


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  1. Julia says

    you rock, you know that right??? awesome!!!!!!!! i wish i would've gotten into babywearing more. I got a MeeUp carrier and it was great but i wish i would've done more when he was a newborn

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