If I get Child Support I won’t…

Spend it on this! 

I found this on Facebook Fails and thought this was hilarious. 

Is this woman serious? Because I think she is. All I know is that if ever receive a dime from B I won’t be spending it on New Moon. Not because I don’t like New Moon but because I would like to make an effort to put any child support into a savings account for Mason and or make sure they I use it for things that help Mason and I survive or for Mason specifically {i.e. clothes, food, diapers etc} 
So let’s say you didn’t care what you spent your child support on {if you don’t need to get any pretend you did} What wouldn’t you spend it on {i.e. what you would LOVE to spend it on but won’t} 
I would spend it on a pedicures and a massage 🙂


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  1. Jayme says

    Is this the link you're referring to? LOL
    That chick is WACK. When I used to get CS it went to you know, bills that we accrued because we had to support our kids and all…

  2. I♥thesecrazykids says

    My child support goes on a bank card. I spend it on whatever because it's oh so much. Hmmm I've gotten less than $200 for my 6 year old his entire life. Honestly I really don't think about what the money is "suppose" to be used for. My husband fully supports our whole family. I could care less about the cs. It's honestly not enough to matter. I get letters saying that I can request a review, but I just ignore them. Ex has nothing whatsoever to do with ds.

  3. Cassie says

    Wow! That's crazy. Not only that she spent it on that, but that she openly complained about it on FB!

  4. Joanna says

    I hope that woman wasn't serious, but I am sure she probably is. That drives me crazy! She shouldnt be buying friggin movies if she can't afford them without dipping into her kids' support!

  5. Trading says

    OMG! …. and I just got my child support and we are going to the dentist to have her teeth taken care of! this woman is a very unhappy soul, we should pray for her… she is vastly confused…

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