So Random Story before I make my announcement. My family is huge on sports so I spent many many years at the Little League Field playing softball or watching baseball and softball and honestly I still do that because my brother Jacob is still on a team and my brother is on Varsity and soon enough Luke will be playing and before I can blink Mason will be playing too! Whenever a ball comes our way we obviously scream HEADS UP!!!!

So this one time we’re all at the field {the story has been told so many times I can’t even remember if I was ACTUALLY there or Not!}. And a ball comes our way {or so we think} and everyone screams “HEADS UP” and my Aunt Oops Did I do That {Name as been changed to protect her identity duh} throws her son “Robby” in front of her out of instinct to protect herself lol {he was about 15 at the time}. Anyway she still feels horrible about it which is why I changed the names and if your reading right now It’s a super funny story that I had to tell!

So yea the heads up….

Starting Monday MAY 10th I will be moving all my giveaways over to Little BGCG and His Mama Review It  so if you’re not following already you might want to hop on over there really quick hit the handy dandy follow button and make sure that you stay all caught up. Once the Baby Event ends I’ll be adding more reviews and giveaways like SodaStream {which my WHOLE family loves by the way}, Cloth Diapers, Custom Jewelry, baby and toddler items!


Video Time
Natty Sue Designs WINNER!!

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