Best Brothers EVER But…

So apparently I have the best brother{s} ever.  
Okay. Back story. 
When we first moved into this house a couple of years ago {and by that I mean 7 years ago} Luke and Ava didn’t exist they weren’t even a THOUGHT! We moved into a Cape Style house and I got one of the big bedrooms upstairs, how I got it and my parents or two brothers didn’t I really don’t know. Probably because I’m the oldest and I was well demanding {I’ve been working on that}!  Anyway for those of you not familiar with our home when you walk in the door you can go directly upstairs to a small hallway, if you go straight you’re in the bathroom, make a right and your in a big bedroom make a left and you’re in another big bedroom. I’ve been searching for an image for like an hr {okay not really THAT long} but can’t seem to find anything that looks like my house! So you’ll just have to use your imagination! So anyway when I went away to school D and J took over my room and I got the smaller room downstairs {with no closet}. It wasn’t a big deal because I was only home on the holidays and summer. 
Then I graduated college, and got pregnant, had a baby with my boyfriend, broke up with said boyfriend and moved back home. Home to a room that was being fixed because of water damage. So for the last 3 months I’ve been home with M without a room for either of us booo. The room that I’m suppose to move into is almost finished and I’m excited to have my privacy again but am super nervous about fitting everything into it for M and I because it’s small! And then my brother D did something I never thought any of my siblings would do. 
He offered up his and J’s room {my old room} and said he’d move downstairs back into his old room. The room situation has been like this for about 4 years so we’ve pretty much spent equal time in each room if that makes sense. 
So here’s my dilemma. The room is small and M and I are going to have a hard time fitting ourselves into it. But so are D and J. I didn’t ask D to give up the bigger room. My Mom asked him and Allie if either one would be willing to give up their room and D said that he would because I need the space more than he does. Have I mentioned that my brother is amazing?! J said that it was okay with him too with no problem as well. BUT should I do it? Should I let my brothers give up their room? It would be better for me. WAY more room and the way it’s set up I can put up a little curtain and have a separate space for M and a separate space for me. I could fit a mini fridge for extra comfort and privacy. And you have no idea how bad I need my privacy! BUT I still don’t know if it’s the right thing to do…
What do you guys think? Do I take the room?


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  1. Alyssa says

    I say jump on the offer! They wouldn't have said it was OK if it wasn't, right? Just think of doing it for M. It's more room for him.

  2. Little Miss Emmy Lou says

    I say if he offered, take him up on the offer! I would just make sure you communicate how grateful you are to your brother. Maybe you could do something special to thank him, like have some one on one time or take him to eat somewhere. And maybe ask him again if he is sure he is okay with it.

    I think boys tend to care less about personal space/privacy. So if it's important for youto have more space and more privacy, and M would have some special space to himself in the bigger room, I think it'd be best for you to move to the bigger room. Just make sure you communicate that you are grateful for your brother's generous offer!

  3. Caro says

    Oh yeah take it. Family is the best, don't worry one day you will have the chance to turn the situation on them. And they will be grateful.

  4. Amanda says

    That's a toughie! I'd say though since he's offering up the room I'd take it. It's going to work out better for everyone in the long run if you just take it now, rather than realize you really don't fit in the other room!

  5. Double Duty Mommy says

    the way you describe the house sorta sounds the J&K+8's old house (just a side note :))

    My opinion is that you do take the room. Like you said, you guys need the room and ur privacy. You didn't ask for the offer, he's just trying to be a nice brother so let him 🙂

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