12, 13, 14 Week Photos and Mason is 3 Months!!!

Holy Hell where as the time gone?

First sorry for being so behind on these pictures! I took {most} of them on the right day but just didn’t get time to post them because well LIFE! And this Baby Event! Did I mention it’s moving to Little BGCG and His Mama Review it?

Anyway before I begin Mason did a couple of things in the last two days that are HUGE! Well to me they are lol.

First Thing: Mason discovered his feet! He’s been grabbing them and it’s only a matter of time before he starts to try and put them in his mouth! It’s so stinking cute! It happened while we were in Target on Friday! I was so excited and proud!

And the best thing?! Today {well Saturday the 8th} he recognized his name!!! I propped Mason up to take his 14 week pictures and like ALWAYS I called “MASON” to get his attention, usually he doesn’t look but this time he looked right at me! I got excited but thought it was a fluke so I waited until he turned away again and called his name and he looked at me again!!! He did it quite a few times and I was sooo excited! My lil baby is growing up so quickly it’s so amazing to be able to see these things but it’s also kind of sad to know that he’s not always going to be this little being who wants me to hug and cuddle and comfort him! So I’m going to do it as much as I can now!! Did I mention one of my favorite activities is watching him sleep?? Am I the ONLY one who does this?

-Let’s see other things Mason has been up too…He spent some QT alone with Aunt DG and Aunt AR for the first time {While I was at work}
-He’s still exclusively receives Breast Milk
-He Smile alll the time and laughs!
-He’s VERY ticklish!
-He LOVES bath time! He’s always kicking his legs all excited!
-He still doesn’t like his car seat unless the car is moving! He even get’s mad at red lights a lot like his best buddy that he’s never officially met, H
-He LOVES to be held and cuddled
-He goes to bed around 8-9, he doesn’t sleep through the night yet but only wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep!
-He snores {he’s doing it right now}
-He’s in size 2 diapers when he wears sposies
-He’s in size medium when he wears cloth that isn’t One Size!
-His 3 month clothes fit him perfectly so I’ve been getting him 3-6 month clothing now. Which means he’s pretty true to size in his clothing!
-He’s still and always will be the love of my life!!

Okay So Pictures!! First 12 Weeks

3 Month Pictures!! 

13 Weeks!!

14 Weeks

You see this picture? This is picture is the picture that Mason turned to look at me after I called his name. And every other picture after this shows how happy he is because I was so happy he recognized his name! He hasn’t been doing it around people but I swear it happened. I have the pictures to prove it!

And Remember how I said Mason learned how to grab his feet! Well there he is grabbing his foot!

I love this picture because it looks like I was taking the picture of the frog and then he leaned in being like “Hey Take the picture of me!”

My little boy is getting so big so fast and I just can’t stand it!

Oh and if you haven’t voted yet PLEASE PLEASE “Like” This picture If you’re not friends with me or your not a friend of mine all you have to do is like the Knickernappies group in order to like M’s photo!

Mason is in 3rd place right now with 112 votes. 1st place has 189 votes! I would LOVE to win this and have been working really hard on it! I’ve been soliciting votes EVERYWHERE I have no shame lol. Please don’t make me beg, because let’s face it…I WILL!


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  1. Meant to be a mom says

    I'll go vote. And can I just say CUTE! Mason is so dang adorable. He is getting so big. Can you believe it? Isn't it the best to watch him grow and learn….

  2. mom2boys says

    I voted for your little Ham…lol He's so cute! My baby girl is 3 months too and I love to watch her sleep. 🙂

  3. Julia says

    ok, when I read the title i was like…. omg, she's pregnant????? i thought you meant 12, 13, 14 week belly pics… silly me. he's so stinkin' cute.

  4. Beth says

    Random question – what diaper is Mason in in his 3 month/13 week pictures? I love it! Such a cute but simple print 🙂

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