So it’s official I’m going to back to work on Sunday. I’ll be waiting tables which means no pumping. Which means that it’s going to be a very long FULL day! I’ll have to pump/nurse right before I go to work and then again as soon as I get home.

I tried giving him a bottle today, he took it long enough to get an ounce and then wanted nothing to do with it and began looking for his Boobie Bottle. I gave him to my Mom so she could try giving it to him and went upstairs and cried.

I have no choice I have to go back to work. It’s not even close to being a possibility. And I know that one day a week isn’t very much, so I’ll be eased into it and for that matter so will he! But how do you go back to work when you know that you’re going to miss this face….

I’m already giving myself time to cry before work lol. I’ll be gone for at least 8 hours. He’ll be with his Aunt Erica and then with my Mom so I’m comfortable with who he’s going to be with. It’s just hard still.

So all you Moms working out of home (although sometimes I feel like there are none in the blogging world lol) How do you do it? Does it get easier?

Update: He took a total of 3oz over the course of about an hr. He wasn’t screaming or anything so hopefully he’ll be okay on Sunday too!


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  1. Jayme says

    Did you give him the bottle or someone else? In my experience, they take it better from other people when you're not around, tempting them with the boobies LOL

    I'm sorry you have to work, it sucks 🙁 But you can do it!

  2. Lara says

    It really does get easier. I went back and work 2 days a week. The first couple of weeks were hard and I found myself the verge of tears. But I kept busy and when I got home it was like I was never gone. It's hard to leave,but it will get easier. And it's good for them to be with other people… and it's family… so it's great!

  3. Raising Z says

    I'm sorry! It will be hard at first but knowing he is with people you love should make it a little easier. Hang in there.

  4. Double Duty Mommy says

    Aw hope you have a good day today. That sucks you can't be pumping.
    My ex-boyfriend used to serve so I'm sure it's like him where you don't get a break AT ALL once your shift starts, right? They made him come in at X time but then after he did his beginning side work THEN he got 1/2 hr then his 8hr day started.
    It's so retarded.

    Anyway, Good luck with everything mama!

  5. The "Dubs" says

    Ya know… I'm sure he will eat when he gets hungry enough (though that is not what you want to hear). And eventually he will catch on. I have heard that it is hard to go back to work and there are tons of ladies that go through it every single day. It will get easier and you both will adjust.

  6. Meant to be a mom says

    I'm so sorry to hear you have to go back. I work full time every day of the week Mon through Friday so I most definitely can relate. Its difficult but I do believe it gets better. You get in a routine and things just sort of fall into place. It still sucks but sometimes we have no choice. Good luck with everything. Stay strong sweetie. But no worries its totally ok to cry if you need to 🙂

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