While Mommy Was At Work….

So work went fairly well. It was a little harder than I thought to get back into the swing of things but I did it! The restaurant has changed so much since the last time I worked. They added pizza to the menu which meant they took away the “front” bar were we all used to hang out and added the pizza making session. I have yet to try it but I’m sure it’s yummy. They also expanded the kitchen which made it SO much better. We used to be SO cramped. Only bad thing is they took away too of the tables in the upper section which is where I was. But that’s okay because having three 4 Tops at one time was enough for me especially since I had to get back into the swing of things!
Mason did GREAT with his Aunt Erica! He gave her no problems when it came to eating which I will admit made me kinda sad ONLY because it made me realize that he didn’t necessarily NEED me. BUT I was happy that he did so well for her and that he had a good day. It would have been way worse if he didn’t do well! That would have made going back to work really hard! Erica is so good with him {and kids in general} so I felt really comfortable leaving him with her and I’m not just saying that because she reads this 🙂 So anyway the crazy Mommy that I am I left my camera with her so she could ya know take some pictures for me if she wanted too a.k.a you better take pictures or else I will cry because I missed my little man’s entire day! So here are some of my favorites: 
Taking A Walk! 
Erica had this bouncer that lit up and had music and he loved it, she had a video for me too and it showed him kicking his legs he was so excited.
And then he passed out 🙂 
He looks so funny here! 
laughing and giggling! 

I’m really sad that I missed his entire day BUT I’m glad he was able to spend time with Erica and bond with his God mom! She’s so good with him! And I’m so thankful that she took pictures so I didn’t completely feel like I was missing his day! I have work AGAIN tonight and he’s staying with my Dad so pray for him 😉

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