Top 3 Thursday YES I Know it’s Friday

So I know it’s Friday But I wanted to do Top 3 Thursday anyway, you don’t mind do you?

Today’s Yesterday’s question was What are you Top 3 Prime time Shows

As of Right Now my Top are


What? You don’t watch? You must! It’s a musical TV show and it’s not just Broadway music it’s every day music! It’s Beyonce, Journey, Kelly Clarkson, its Wicked, it’s Chicago, it’s everything you could as for in a TV show and MORE trust me! I’m dancing and singing just thinking about it! 
#2 I couldn’t find an image but REAL WORLD ROAD RULES FRESH MEAT 2 Challenge! I LOVE IT it’s reality TV, it’s challenges, it’s drams. What’s not to love?
#3 Real Housewives of NYC and really ANY Housewives show although I will say REAL Housewife MY A**


Happy ALMOST Saturday
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