Top 3 Thursday

Once again I’m playing along with Kelly @ Keeping Up With Kelly! It’s one of my new favorites!

Today is Top 3 Resturantes

1. Carmines –So Yummy, it’s an Family Style Italian Restaurant in NYC it’s DELICIOUS and I highly suggest you go when/if you visit NYC. We always go before or after going to a play! It gets CRAZY busy though so you have to get there early, make reservations or wait it out. It’s way worth the wait!

 I really want to pick different restaurants for the next two but no one would know what they are since they’re family owned! So instead I’ll go with my favorite franchises!  
2. Chili’s   I LOVE their Chili Con Queso appetizer and their Cajun Chicken/Shrimp Pasta 

3. TGIF–I love their Green Bean Fries and I used to love their Blackened Chicken Pasta *but they took that off the menu BOOOOOOOO* and their mudslides are to die for! hmmm Do you think M will mind if I have JUST 1 Mudslide???? I hope not lol

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