Raise Your Hand If You’re a Single Mama!

Being a PAH (you know Preggo at Home!!) and SAHM for the last couple of months has enabled me to really get my blog on. 
Maybe too much lol. BUT one thing it has enabled me to do is form these friendships, friendships I never would have had in real life. It enables me to interact with grown-ups. With people going through similar things as me! And I love that. 
For instance The Single Mama and I? Well we’re BFFs (ya know Bloggy Friends Forever) and even though we haven’t met IRL YET. I consider her a IRL friend too! We love the friendship that we have and we want to pass that along, to create a community, where Single Moms can gather and support one another. 
Wanna know more? Want in? Email Us: supersinglemamas@gmail.com
Just give us your Name and/blog/twitter {Why? Because we want to add your to our Blog Roll and Twitter List, DUH} and we’ll email you back with some info 🙂
Oh and all you Military Mamas you SO completely count cause when that Hubby is deployed you are OF COURSE a Single Mama. So feel free to email us as well!


11 Weeks Old


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