mamaRoo Giveaway Event!

On April 30th 4moms is launching it’s mamaRoo infant seat! It moves up and down and side to side, it moves “like you do” and it has five different motions that are modeled after the movements we use while comforting our little ones! You can check it out for yourself at

To celebrate 4moms is giving away a mamaRoo EVERY DAY for 60 Days until the mamaRoo is launched on April 30th! So there’s still time for you to win one!! It seems like everyone wants one of these, I know I do! And remember you can enter EVERY DAY! So lots of chances to still win one!

Okay so now that I’ve told all you about how great this bouncer is (and really you can’t even call it that because it’s BETTER than a bouncer) I’m heading off to to enter and win one myself. Wish me luck 🙂


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