Happy ALMOST Saturday

Hey Everyone!!

I started a NEW blog where I can host all my review and giveaways!

It’s called “Little BGCG and His Mama Review it” oh so clever right? If you can think of something better BE MY GUEST and tell me!

The more I thought about the more I realized I have so many sponsors lined up and I didn’t want it TAKING OVER this blog! I love doing reviews and giveaways so I’m going to continue to do that and I hope you will join my new blog and check out everything I have coming! I have some pretty big things in the works! 

I’m going to start my Baby Event here on Little BGCG and eventually switch over to my new review blog. Feel free to join the new blog now as it will be 3 extra entries into all of my giveaways!

I’m really excited about this new blog, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and do good things for me!

But don’t worry! I still LOVE this blog and I won’t neglect it! 🙂


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