First We Colored the Eggs

So the day before Easter (more like hours) we colored Easter Eggs. This year was so strange because no one was really into it! Only Luke and Ava were and even they weren’t really that into it and Mason? Well he slept through the whole thing!

Julia set everything up, she’s such a great help! Only problem was she didn’t follow the directions so our eggs weren’t as vibrant as they used to be!
I got this picture idea courtesy of The Mighty M Family
 The only two who were semi-interested in coloring eggs, although Julia and Jake colored eggs too!
Did you notice Luke’s lip? He fell while in South Carolina and had to get three stitches 🙁 And did you see Ava? She liked cracking open the eggs and eating them rather than coloring them! 
See the cracked eggs? Ava’s favorite thing to do was take the eggs and smash them together. She’s so quick that it happened a few times before we could stop her! 
It says “Mason Loves Mommy” 
Here are his other eggs they say “M” “MJG” “Mason <3’s Mommy” and “Mason James” Super original right?
A Bunch of the eggs 🙂 Stay tuned for pictures from Easter 🙂 

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  1. kelly at keeping up with kelly says

    Love your new makeover, very cute
    grab your button!!!

    looks like yall had a great easter!!!!

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