Fashionably Late…

To the 
Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I’m always fashionably late. It’s just me, who I am!

You can visit my About Me page up there to learn more like my VIP (Very Important POSTS). Here’s the short semi easy version. I’m a newly Single Mom to my little guy M who’s 10 weeks (TODAY!!). My Blog is about me and my little guy and everything that life throws at us which apparently is a lot when you’re unexpectedly single, young and living with your Mom, Dad and 6 other brothers and sisters! Crazy? Yes! My Life? YES! LOVE IT?! Most of the time, YES!

Come back and visit me on April 19th when I start my Baby Event, you can also follow me here for upcoming reviews and giveaways! I have a lot planned so you won’t want to miss out on the fun here or there! And in case you still don’t want to come back and visit look how cute this little face is…I know you can’t resist!

Or these ones
These two aren’t mine I stole it off the internet…JUST KIDDING! Remember those 6 brothers and sisters I was telling you about? Well these are the babies! L and A!

I’m pretty excited to be doing this although I’m not quite sure what I’m doing lol…But the new friends I can make and the ahem prizes I can win drew me in! I really want The Grand Prize of course especially since my laptop is really old (although gorgeous, you know in case she’s reading this!) and I dropped it on the floor TWICE this week (again in case she’s reading this, SO SORRY), this (I have to get rid of this baby weight) or this, and if I can’t get one of those I’d love INTL 2 ,  US57 (and this gift is from a blogger I follow!), US16, US33, US47, US49, INTL14, US17. I also wouldn’t mind ANY of the giftcards!!! Because who doesn’t love GIFT cards?!

Not joining in on the fun? You Must YOU MUST! There’s my official invitation 😉


Cloth Diapering Journey #Fail
Happy ALMOST Saturday

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