Christmas Pics…I mean EASTER!

M got so many things for Easter you would think that it was Christmas time around here! He I loved going through his Easter Baskets! He on the other hand preferred to sleep 🙂

Aunt Renee got Mason a basket (on the left) and the Basket I made him on the Right. Aunt Renee’s basket had some great rattle/teething toys and Books explaining the real reason behind Easter!
My basket to Mason had a Bunny, Some Chocolate (yea okay that was for me but he technically gets it through his Momma’s Milk!!), A “Mommy Thinks I’m a Chick Magnet” onesie, A Baby’s First Easter Bib, an adorable Bunny Hat (pictures and a review to come later!) and a photo album.

Told you he was more interested in Sleeping! 
Mason also got a basket from My Mom (with three outfits and toys for his car seat!) And isn’t his onesie adorable? I got it from Happy to Bee a review AND giveaway will  be coming up during my Baby Event! 
With his Bunny from Mommy! Mason also got stuff from Aunt Denise, Aunt Angie, Aunt Dina and Aunt Donna. Aunt Dina got him a cute Bunny that sings an adorable little song. I want to post a video soon with it! 
Our table filled with Easter goodies.
L got the cutest Melissa and Doug Puzzle (of the USA) and these amazing learning games! We got them at Marshall’s (about 5 of them) and gave him two for Easter and will be giving him the rest for his Birthday which is coming up in July. He’s such a smart little guy so these will be great for him! 
A with all of her goodies! She got some outfits, a Look and Find Book from Baby Einstein, it’s so cute and perfect for her age! I almost picked it up for Mason but thought A could just pass it down!  She also got an Alphabet Train Melissa and Doug Puzzle! And she got one my favorite movies Happy Feet! 
I have some other cute pictures coming from Aunt Renee and Aunt Denise! I can’t wait to post them. The theme of this week is Easter cuteness lol

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