What I’ve been up too

Okay so I haven’t really been around so sorry about that I know how much every one loves to hear me ramble!

  • Right now Mason is laying in my lap fast asleep, I can’t believe how fast everything has gone by. It seems like he just keeps growing and growing faster and faster which I guess he is.
  • Jacob won his CYO Basketball Championship on Saturday, it was SUCH a close game, I’m talking we were up by seven with less than 3 minutes left, when they caught up but we were still ahead then with 10 seconds (maybe less) left on the clock the other team scored and we were tied SO THEN we went into overtime which was insane. We ended up winning at the end Jake’s foul shots helped put us over the edge. He was so happy and so were we! 
  • Directly after that I drove two hours with my Mom to the girls Cheerleading competition they did amazing! Gave me chills, yea they made mistakes but the energy was amazing and we so some AWESOME teams compete. You should really look up all-star cheerleading teams. They will make you change your mind if you think cheerleaders aren’t athletes! 
  • Oh so the second we got to the cheerleading competition we locked my keys in the car, luckily My Mom’s friend had Triple A so we were able to get in the car in no time but I obviously need to get my Mom and Dad a spare key asap! 
  • Mason was so good at the competition it was so loud but he slept soundly through most of it. Only needing to eat on the way there, once while we were there and then again when we left. He’s such a good baby. Everyone was so in love with him. 
  • Babywearing is really not big where I live you should have seen the looks everyone was giving me, not bad but more like OMG what is that and how do you use it? I literally had an audience and did a demonstration for how to tie the sleepwrap. Everyone was impressed…Maybe I’ll start a trend?
  • Luke and Ava are absolutely in love with Mason to the point were he never sleeps because the kids are always all up in his face so I often have to put him in the sleepywrap or another one of my carriers
  • Speaking of Luke and Ava they do the funniest things especially when it comes to Mason. For example the other day Luke said to my sister Julia, “I’ll give you five dollars if you give me Mason” and said “No” and he said “come on please!! I’ll give you five dollars (as he whips out a nickle) 
  • Another time Mason was crying and Luke jumped onto the couch that I always nurse Mason in and lifted up his shirt and said to my Mom “Give me Mason, I can feed him with  my boobies” and then he just giggled and said “No I can’t” 
  • He also tries to comfort Mason if he’s crying he says “It’s okay Mason, Mommy’s coming and she’s gonna feed you!” 
  • So remember how I said I went to the cheerleading competition? Well just to give you a time frame I went to Jakes game as soon as I woke up at like 8:00 then I went straight to the competition and then I went straight to get a bite to eat with my Mom and didn’t pump once at all. Normally I pump like 2 times a day for a total of like 10-12oz (on a good day). Well I paid for not pumping this morning I woke up so engorged and I was literally dripping like a leaky faucet (sorry if that’s TMI but hey the life of a breastfeeding Mom) I had to wake my Mom up to help me with Mason and I had to pump, I ended up pumping 15oz in ONE session! It was ridiculous. AND I was still engorged, I’ve felt like crap the entire day, huge headache swollen aching breasts etc. And while I was pumping my Mom gave Mason his first bottle (well second because he had one in the hospital). I had wanted to wait until he was at least one month before I gave him a bottle and I did. But it literally made me cry that I wasn’t the one feeding him I felt like a failure and I was so mad that I did that to myself. So from now on I’ll be pumping once a day in order to build up my freezer stash because I can’t EVER be this engorged again, it was HORRIBLE! 
  • Okay, so I think that’s enough, Hope I updated everyone enough on my life, By the time you read this I’ll be on my way to VA for my appointment! Wish me luck, More with B than with the appointment!
  • Oh and Sorry for the lack of blogging comments lately, I’ve been so busy trying to get this baby event together, not to mention actually taking care of Mason (and Luke and Ava on some days) so I’m way behind in my reader but I will be catching up soon and back to commenting! Don’t stop coming by 🙂

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  1. Frugal Vicki says

    Awww, what sweeties they are with him. I wish my son was that nice to his sister. He is a bully!

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