St. Patrick’s Day!

I haven’t even looked at my google reader in like 2 days but I can only imagine how many posts there are just like this. But this one is different cause well it features Mason lol. My Aunt took all these pictures with her really good pictures which is why they look so good. One day I’ll get one of those. One day soon I hope…I’m barely Irish, despite what my pale skin may lead you to believe but Mason is…I think, I know he’s Scottish, that’s close enough right? Mason is the epitome of a MUTT but he’s the cutest mutt you ever did see…Here are some pictures in case you needed me to prove it to ya!

Who’s this OTHER lady with that flashy thing in my face?

Just staring at his chunky monkey thighs! Did I mention that I took him to the doctor on Monday and he was 12lbs 4.6oz He can fit in size two diapers! I think I’m going to upgrade him now because I have a pack of 96 unopened size 1 and since they’re already tight I figured I’d might as well just do the exchange. But what I’m really going to do is make the switch to Cloth Diapering but that’s a WHOLE different post! 

He finally started to warm up and then Great-Aunt Renee got these awesome shots 

What a MckCutie 🙂 They had a shirt that said that but by the time I got back to the store to grab it I was too late 🙁 So annoying when you don’t pick up something you wanted right away and when you go back for it it’s no longer there. Oh well! This one is cute too! 
Well my little man is fussin and I want love on him!  So See ya lata!  Oh and REAL QUICK underneath this post or at the bottom of this page can you vote for me, I mean MASON on Top Baby Blogs? It only takes a second and we’ll love you forever, not that we won’t already 😉

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  1. Raising Z says

    He is so cute! I love his expressions. I can't wait to read about your cloth diapering decision….I have been on the fence for sometime. I am afraid of all the laundry!

  2. The "Dubs" says

    Girl.. I haven't had a chance to read anyones blogs in a few weeks. I am a terrible bloggy friend. Mason is ADORABLE! I can't believe how much he has changed. Crazy huh!

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