Sleepy Sunday #2

A while ago I did this post and ever since then I wanted to keep it up but never did. So now I am 🙂 
I don’t think there’s anything sweeter than a sleeping baby. Or even a sleeping spouse 🙂 They always look so peaceful and calm. So every Sunday because Sunday is the perfect day for sleeping in and relaxing I would love if you linked up your photos of your sleeping baby whether it be your children, your spouse, your furry baby or even other people’s kids 😉 

Please join me this week in the 2nd edition of Sleepy Sunday! Just Grab my button post it along with your Sleepy Sunday and link back to me 🙂 

Sleepy Sunday

This week I took Mason and my siblings to the park. As soon as we got there Mason ate a little and then we went on the swings…This is Mason when the swing wasn’t moving:

 Screaming and in general just not a Happy Camper!

This is Mason while I was swinging! 

Calm, Peaceful and asleep*!!
*I had to stop to take this picture and 30 seconds later he was awake and fussing again because he wasn’t swinging anymore! He’s lucky he’s cute 😉 

Join in on the fun!

Mason's 6 and 7 Week Photos
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