Oops I did it again…

So I did it again I joined in on the Multiples and More Question of the Week…No I don’t have multiples but I do have a lot of bloggy friends with multiples and I love to live vicariously through them…Maybe after Mason I’ll have some twins…WAY after Mason, like I’m thinking he’ll be 10 or so….Anyway..

Do you believe in Mother’s/Father’s Intuition? Give some examples.

I definitely believe in Mother’s intuition! My first example I KNEW Mason was a boy. B gave me such hard time and I really really didn’t want to find out AT ALL! I wanted it to be a surprise I wanted it to be my push present to me, I would push and push and as a reward I would find out if I was blessed with a little girl or a little boy. BUT NOOOOO B just wouldn’t have it, I came up with this huge elaborate plan (I told the doctor’s that I didn’t really  want to know but I was going to pretend that I wanted to know and the sonogram lady was going to say oooh sorry the legs are closed and I can’t tell even if she could or not) and obviously the plan was a MASSIVE FAIL because when the sonogram technician said hey your chart says something about you not wanting to know but wanting to know, and B looked at me like we were about to start a rumble in the doctor’s office I just said umm No we want to find out all the while thinking UGH I HATE THIS DOCTOR’S OFFICE and OTHER people…ANYWAY the whole time I kept telling B we don’t have to find out I just know it’s a boy, I know it! We could buy all boy stuff, I know it’s a boy! But he of course didn’t believe me because sometimes I’m NOT sure if Father’s intuition exists (someone prove me wrong) but anyway we kept saying oooh look at HIS arm or HIS heartbeat and sure enough the technician said  “and you’re right, it’s a boy”

I figured I’d throw in the picture just in case you didn’t believe me, because you know the over abundant pictures of M on here just  doesn’t prove it enough.

I also believe in woman’s intuition. My example?

Years ago one of my siblings and I can’t remember which one at this point was in their car seat and I put it down in the driveway in my Dad’s parking spot. It was only like 3ish so I knew my Dad wouldn’t be home yet but all of a sudden I was like lemme move that car seat because if my Dad came home and pulled into the driveway he would hit the car seat and obviously my sibling (I wanna say Allie) because he wouldn’t be able to see her there. No sooner did I put Allie back on the porch my Dad pulled into the driveway home an hour early! So maybe that story is more common sense BUT I’m not quite convinced it wasn’t intuition.

And there’s more I just don’t feel like sharing because it’s more pyshic-ness then it is intuition and I don’t want you all bombarding me with questions 😉

Cloth Diapering Mamas...I need YOU


  1. Frugal Vicki says

    I am all about intuition, and unfortunately I have been right some times I didn't want to be. My hubby always follows my "feelings" and is extra careful if I am having an uncomfortable one!

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