Multiples and More Question of the Week

So okay I don’t have multiples although I always wanted to have twins, twin girls to be exact. You can’t blame me, I’m a product of all things Sweet Valley. But I love this weeks question so here it goes:

If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say? 
Dear Preggo Self, 
    In the beginning you are really nervous that your apprehension for this pregnancy is going to make you lose your baby and you spend everyday looking up signs and symptoms making sure that if you notice anything you’ll stay in bed all day. You don’t have to do that you’re going to be fine. 

Eat healthier. You end up gaining way too much weight and while you lose half of it by the time Mason is 4 weeks you wish you would have eaten better so that you still didn’t have 20lbs to lose but also the 30lbs you wanted to lose before you got pregnant. 

Also leave in the beginning it’s much easier to leave then then it is when Mason is born.

Oh and explain better to your doctors and the sonogram technicians that despite saying you want to find out the sex it is all just a trick for B and you don’t actually want to know.

Also don’t worry so much about Mason coming on your birthday. He doesn’t in fact he listens to exactly what you want and you go into labor on YOUR birthday and have him the next day, in the middle of a snow storm, just like when you were born. 

Also when it comes to the whole laboring thing even though your water breaks at 6:30am with out you even feeling contractions don’t worry too much. Stay HOME walk around enjoy your day. Go shopping like you an B had planned to do (although if you listened to my first round of advice you wouldn’t even be there lol) but anyway stay home. Walk let the labor progress on it’s own without being hooked up to monitors. He does great the whole time anyway. 

And finally when you finally do have him make sure that they help lift you up so you can actually get a good view of your little man as soon as he comes out and that eye thing? It goes away, so does the weird lip thing, his jaw is not crooked. YAY! 

Your not preggo self!

Mason's 5 Weeks!
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  1. fraizerbaz says

    I am with you on the stay at home in spite of the water breaking at 6:30am. My water broke at 11:00pm and I rushed to the hospital, only to wait around until the next morning to start my labor. I could have been sleeping at home!

  2. Annie says

    I totally agree with what you wrote – especially the "eat healthier" bit. I was so hungry and craved all the wrong foods…..Gained way more weight than I should have.

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