Mason’s 8 Week and 2 Month Pictures

Today my little man is 2 months old! I just can’t believe it, it has gone by way too fast already. Writing these posts reminds me that I have to cherish each and every day. Especially the days he wants to be held all the time because there will be a time and it will come too soon that he won’t want to be held all day long 🙁

First here are his 8 Week pictures 🙂

And here are his 2 Month old pictures!

This pictures weren’t as good as they usually are but I have a good reason. Right before we took his 2 month pictures I put Mason in the bath afterwords I had to make the sign so I put him in his diaper (yes disposable because I was nervous that putting him in cloth would effect the differences between the pictures when I put them all together) and put him in his bouncer. When I went to grab him for his pictures I found this: 

And yes he sucks his thumb well really is whole fist it’s the cutest thing ever!

So anyway at 2 Months Mason

  • has developed quite the personality! Now when he doesn’t like something he screams and screams until he turns bright red and can hardly breathe but as soon as I grab him (because he’s usually with someone else) he starts to calm down. 
  • As I mentioned earlier he has also began sucking his thumb/fist. 
  • When he gets excited he kicks his legs and throws his arms around it’s so cute! 
  • He also loves being held 
  • is still exclusively breastfeeding. 
  • He’s not sleeping through the night yet BUT we still get lots of sleep, we’re on a nice schedule although it’s not perfect. It’s usually within a 1 hr time frame i.e. he does his first nightime feeding between 12am and 1 am his second between 4:30 and 5:30 and then he does a 9ish-10ish feeding which is usually when we wake up. 
  • Mason also drools a whole lot so I wonder if he’ll be an early teether!
  • loves bath time!
  • smiles and coos and sometimes even babbles with me!

I’ll add more as I remember them! Also for my bloggy friends I’m sorry I’ve been comment slacking between preparing for this Baby Event (which will begin on the 19th) and taking care of Mason I’ve been so busy but I will get back on track and I <3 you all!

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  1. Double Duty Mommy says

    I love how you always put a little sign next to him. I may just have to steal that idea 😉 lol

  2. Mama B says

    OMG he has gotten sooo big!!! Its crazy!! I was looking at M's 2 week pictures and it's just crazy how big he has gotten! I love his shocked look in the pics, its too cute! Lucas will be 8 weeks old next tuesday and I cant believe it!

  3. Gucci Mama says

    What a little pumpkin! I love the picture of him sleeping; I love seeing how peaceful and content sleeping babies are. Can your two month old teach my one year old how to sleep, by chance? 😉

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