Mason’s 5 Weeks!

Yesterday Mason turned 5 weeks old! The weeks are flying by and I feel like before I know it he’s going to be going to school etc and I’m going to be…well old. crap. having a baby makes things fly by!!

I also feel like these are the only pictures I’ve given you in the last week his 4 Week, then his 1 month and now his 5 weeks. From now on I’m going to but his monthly pictures with the corresponding 4 week mark i.e. 8 Weeks with 2 Months etc.

So with out further babble from me check out my little man and I promise I’ll have more posts of substance soon!

This is my favorite picture out of the bunch but 
For some strange reason I love this picture too, Maybe it’s the hey what’s going on look on his face. 
I’ll update everyone on my life tomorrow, things have been kinda slow here but they’ve been good. I’m heading to VA tomorrow with Mason for my appointment and I’m going to bring Mason to see B (his Dad) wish me luck because I think it’s going to be tough. Especially leaving again!

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