Mason’s 4 Week Pictures

I know I’m behind with his 4 Week Pictures…What’s new?

Another week of not so great pictures boo

He refused to look a t the camera and I couldn’t get the paper or Mason to sit up straight…shocker!
He’s moving sooo much more now! I’ll be posting some 1 Months pics since it’s sorta kinda officially his 1 month birthday today probably either later today or tomorrow we’ll see what I can get around too!
For all My 16 and Preggo Lovers!
Ava's Birthday Celebration


  1. Love To Shop Mom says

    OMG!!! He is so stinkin cute! My early pics of Little Miss Diva in Training are all that wide eyed crazy stare too! I love it!!! looking at your pics makes me want to have another baby!! We want a baby boy someday soon!

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