Mason Turned 1 Month Today!!

So these pictures aren’t going to look much different then the pictures I posted earlier today BUT I wanted to make sure I did monthly shots as well in case the weekly ones get forgotten which I really REALLY hope they don’t. But either way here they are.


At 1 Month Mason:
-is in Size 1 diapers! Newborns still sorta fit but they are too tight! 
-is still in most of his newborn clothes but quickly growing out. Some stuff doesn’t fit him completely i.e if it’s a onesie once you snap the bottoms it pulls down too far on his chest. 
-is starting to smile more. The other day I SWEAR he was looking right at me and then smiled. I was thrilled! 
-has great head control and is so alert
-Likes whoever is carrying him to stand up, He LOVES to look around and see the world 🙂 
-Is still breastfeeding exclusively like a champ! 
-loves taking baths and cuddling with his Mama 
-Sleeps in his bouncer, in his bassinet or pack and play or in bed with me, so VERY versatile!
-Still isn’t on a schedule, not that I expected him to be. We usually go to bed after his 1amISH feeding (I find it easier to do that then going to bed earlier) and he probably wakes up 2 or 3 times and we’re usually up for the day between the hours of 9-11
-Did I mention that he gets cuter every single day? At least to me and I love him more and more everyday!?
    I can’t believe you’ve already been here with us for a month. You mean everything to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m excited to see you grow but I’m trying really hard to cherish every day. It’s already gone by so quickly. You have been worth it all!

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