March Goals–How’d I Do??

I’ve bolded and highlighted all the goals I’ve accomplished in Red. So much for accountability! Maybe it didn’t work because I know that even if I didn’t accomplish all my goals you guys would still love me 🙂

  • -Read 3 Books–I don’t want to be too ambitious here. Usually I can get way more reading done but Mason has obviously changed that. 
  • Lose 5lbs–I would like to lose WAY more but again I’m trying not to be too ambitious for a couple of reasons one I still can’t do any serious exercising for another week or so. Also, I can’t lose fat too quickly since I’m breastfeeding and the toxins that can be released etc etc etc 
  • Build up my Milk supply, so in addition to Mason’s normal eating I’d like to pump at least once a day. I need to have a HUGE freezer supply for when I go back to work.
  • Get myself and Mason on a better schedule. I know this is going to be really hard since I’m nurse him on demand but I need to do something because its so hard to schedule our days…Any Ideas? 
  • Walk 3x a week, this goes with the whole losing five pounds thing. Also I want to start doing a Pilates or Yoga DVD 1-2x a week as long as I get the clear from my doctor to exercise which I should be getting at my appointment!
  • Drink more Water and Drink Less Soda (I’ll be tracking this in a Notebook I have)  

No your eyes have not deceived you, I only accomplished 2 items on my list and sometimes I even wonder if I accomplished getting Mason and I on a better schedule.

  • So 1st what was I thinking about reading THREE books?! Who do I think I am? Between caring for Mason, babysitting my siblings and planning this baby event not to mention keeping up with my bloggy friends and a social life how did I expect to read THREE books? I read about 2 chapters of a Breastfeeding book so total FAIL 
  • Okay so the whole lose 5lbs thing I may or may not have accomplished. I don’t have a scale. I forgot to bring it back with me from VA. So I’m really not sure about that one!
  • Build up my milk supply, my milk supply is good and I WAS pumping 1-2 times a day but then I stopped because I had this huge engorgement fiasco that I may or may not have talked about, long story short I was leaking like a broken faucet and in so much pain because I forgot to pump ONE day and it was horrible so I cute back after that to about once every other day. I’m going to start pumping again though! I still have a huge freezer stash. So maybe that goal is semi-accomplished afterall
  • Walk 3x a week and a yoga video, oops…maybe this is why I probably haven’t lost 5lbs! I really have to get on it because summer is coming up and even though I can NEVER wear a bikini again I would like to be thin enough to look like I can 🙂 

I’ll be posting my goals for April tomorrow…

April Goals
Mason's 8 Week and 2 Month Pictures


  1. Mighty M says

    Great job – I too will never wear a bikini again, skinny or not! My stomach is just not that nice to expose anymore!! 🙂

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