Cloth Diapering Journey Days 1 & 2

First I want to thank all the ladies who answered my questions here it was very much appreciated. I got so many helpful responses and will write back to everyone asap! So remember when I said I wouldn’t be starting my cloth diapering journey until about two weeks? Well not so much. It started much sooner than that!

Day 1: Went pretty well, I had some leaks but nothing major and it was my fault for not changing his diaper sooner. I like my Bummis pre-folds only complaint is that they are so bulky! But I hear that is what is to be expected from pre-folds and covers. With that being said it’s a fairly easy system. I will confess that I didn’t put a cloth diaper on him at night. I was a little afraid and figured I would easy myself into that! I’ll be reviewing a cloth diaper that is meant for night time soon I think I will start when I get that diaper!

Day 2 (so far): Like I said before we didn’t cloth diaper at night so I have no news from that. I put him in his first cloth diaper of the day around noonish YEA we did sleep in that late but it’s because M was up really late last night, it was really strange. And no Mason didn’t sleep through the night he never does but it’s not so bad since we co-sleep and I breastfeed. We did have one leak but again it was because I waited too long in between diaper changes. He fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake him to change his diaper he looked so peaceful! The diaper that I used I will be reviewing during my Baby Event and besides the leak that was MY FAULT I liked it a lot it was really cute and trim especially for a one size fits all! I was impressed! And I liked the yellow!

Here are some pictures of my little man in his cloth! Both are his Bummis Diapers! Excuse the quality I took these on my phone!

Look how big his fluff butt is and how weird his hand and foot looks since he was moving them when the picture was taken!

So I think that’s pretty much all for today. I’ll be updating everyone later. If you want to follow my Cloth Diapering Journey you can follow me @LittleBGCG and I’ll be using the hastag  #CDJ  feel free to share and tips you have or words of encouragement lol  

UPDATE: I will be using the hastag #ClothDJ because #CDL is already in use and I’m not sure what it means since all the tweets are in a different language lol

Any if any cloth diapering shops or diaper manufacturers want to sponsor my Cloth Diapering Journey I’ll be here (clovecg AT gmail dot com) anxiously awaiting an email 🙂 

Mason's 8 Week and 2 Month Pictures

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