Ava’s Two Today…well SORTA

See this gorgeous little Baby? 

She turned TWO yesterday or rather today…Why the confusion? She’s a leap year baby. So her birthdays are going to be extra special she gets two days for three years and then she gets One HUGE day on the fourth year! How lucky is she? Not so lucky according to My Mom she was not a happy camper when it came to Ava’s birthday.

Two years ago my Mom came back from a routine appointment letting everyone know that Ava was going to be making her appearance that very day 5 Weeks early. See Ava is the youngest, and my Mom had gestational diabetes so she was considered high risk and went to the hospital pretty much weekly. My Mom’s fluids were low and they told her it was time for the baby to come ASAP. My Mom wasn’t ready so she went home and cleaned a little tried to prepare things for Ava, she thought she had at least two more weeks (her last couple of babies were always early, although never this early). Then we ALL traveled over to the hospital. My Mom fought with the doctors for a while she always knew she’d be getting a c-section but she didn’t know she’d be getting a leap year baby and she didn’t want that at all and she KNEW Ava was fine. She pretty much begged the doctors to let her wait until midnight so Ava’s real birthday would be on March 1st but they pretty much scared the crap out of her and convinced her not to wait  i.e “Your fluids are too low, Something could happen to the baby, something could happen to you, if we wait till midnight we won’t be fully staffed and it will be dangerous for you and baby if something were to go wrong”. So she didn’t wait and Ava was born via c-section on February 29th 2008 and she was perfectly healthy. She weighed 5lbs 8oz which for a preemie is AMAZING! She actually weighed MORE than my sister Julia who had more time in Mommy’s tummy.

As of right now Ava is walking around singing Happy Birthday. She’s so cute! She’s still learning to talk she says lots of words and even speaks in sentences but she’s a little hard to understand. We think it has something to do with the fact that we all talk for her. I try the whole “use your words” thing but she just looks at me like “I’m the Princess, I do what I want!!” When we mention her name she always says “Me??” it so cute. I’m going to have to try to get it on video and post it later with her Birthday Celebration post.
She’s such a happy baby. She’s girly girl through and through which most of you know already and she loves her nephew Mason! She’s always trying to help swaddle him and she’s constantly giving him kisses!! So Sweet!

Can everyone do me a favor? Just send well wishes to Ava today she unfortunately on her birthday has to go to the ER because one of her earrings is embedded in her ear. It looks VERY infected and we haven’t been able to get it out. Poor thing just cries and cries says “Nooooo, pease stop!” when we try to get it out. I’ll keep everyone updated!!

Ava's Birthday Celebration
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