Ava’s Birthday Celebration

So Remember how I told you how stinking cute Ava was? It wasn’t that long ago mere hours at this point. Maybe even minutes if your just catching up now which you probably are if you’re anything like me. Well I took some video before we sung Happy Birthday WITH the cake! Even if you don’t normally watch videos PLEASE watch this you won’t regret it 🙂

So once my Mom and the girls came home we had cake and sang Ava Happy Birthday

We LOVE ice cream cake. I don’t think I’ve had a NON-ice cream cake for my birthday in forever. Although come to think about it I didn’t have ANY cake for my birthday this year #thankyoulabor Oh my I spend too much time on twitter…I hashtagged on my blog haha

She must have tried to blow out this candle 90 times so finally


Luke had to help! Which he was ALL too happy to help with! yummy baby spit 🙂

Here’s the Happy Birthday Video

Mason's 4 Week Pictures
Ava's Two Today...well SORTA


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