Tummy Time

Mason had his first tummy time not long after we brought him home. He was not a fan…I think I just choose the wrong time to do it!

We tried it again a couple of days later but he was turning beat red and it didn’t seem like he could breathe very well so we waited until he was no longer sick and congested! I didn’t get a video but I did get some pictures. He liked it much better this time! We took these on the 19th

I didn’t get any pictures of him lifting his head but he was doing a really good job. He kept switching sides. He was also kicking his legs a lot so he was moving around on the blanket too. We’re going to have to be really really careful and make sure we strap him in everything! He’s a wiggle worm now.

It’s so funny because when we swaddle him he’s not a fan of it at all. And he makes this growling noise. It sounds like he’s trying to break free. B always says Hulk a maniac when he does it! It’s so funny cause he does sound like Hulk. I’ll have to try and catch it on video! And he does always mange to get at least one arm out in case you’re wondering!

Oh and another thing he has the hairiest ears. I didn’t expect him to have so much hair on his ears (or anywhere else for that matter) since he was a week late. He also a TON of hair on his lower back. It’s actually kinda cute though lol. You know it’s your baby when…..ANYWAY we call him wolverine too because of the hairy ears/back so he’s pretty much just a superhero! 🙂

I Love...
Sleeping on his Mama


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