Sometimes I still can’t believe that Mason is here. That I actually made this little person.

He’s napping right now and as I’m typing this I keep glancing over at him just to make sure he’s still there. I’m so happy that he’s here with us now. He is just the sweetest baby ever he only cries when he’s hungry or when he has a dirty diaper. And he nurses like a champ. It hasn’t been as bad/painful as people said it would be. Which I’m grateful for.

But I do miss being pregnant to a certain extent. Today I was doing something while Mason napped and without even thinking about it I went to rub my tummy and I did and realized oh wait he’s not in there anymore he’s in the living room. Here with me. Crazy. and you know what else kinda made me sad about him not being in my tummy anymore? It’s sorta weird but in the hospital I noticed that my belly button was back to its normal innie not even close to being an outie. And that made me sad. Mason is already 6 days old and in less than 12 hours he’ll be 7 days old a WHOLE week. ALREADY! My pregnancy went by so fast and now I know more than ever that this is going to go fast too. I just hope I can appreciate EVERY moment. Oh and another strange thing. You know when someone losses a limb and they say that they can still feel it? Well sometimes it feels like there is a little kick in my tummy. Although I’m sure its just all my organs moving back into place lol. But still it’s a very strange feeling. Has that ever happened to anyone?

Anyway I’m so happy that Mason is here and even though this was all very unexpected I’m a true believer in everything happening for a reason. And Mason was obviously that reason! And because I know SOME of you come here only for baby pictures:

Two of my favorite boys 

Aunt Julia and Mason 
Aunt Alllie and Mason 
Mason is Aunt Ava’s “baybe” When Luke was holding him she was getting so jealous and screaming MY BAYBE MY BAYBE 
My favorite picture EVER! 
Oh and by the way my little man gets multiple outfit changes per day despite the constant Saints hat that is on his head…You can blame that on his Daddy! Although I did get a new hat on him today! I’ve taken pictures every day so I’ll have a ton more coming. Baby Picture Overload is promised for at least the first year and probably waaaayyy longer! Cause he is too cute not to take a picture of him everyday. Maybe I’ll start a 365 Picture blog starting with his birthday. Because Lord knows I have enough pictures for that!
He's a Champion...Eater and Pooper...


  1. Sarah says

    I have had what I call phantom kicks in my belly ever since Caleb was born. It is crazy feeling, but at the same time it feels normal 🙂

  2. Beth P. says

    I love that wrap you have on Mason in these pictures. Is it just a blanket? So adorable!

    I miss being pregnant. All the time. Its been 18 months for me and I still miss it.

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